Upbound Resource Roundup: July 2023

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July 31, 2023

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This month, we'll explore cloud native security and provide valuable resources to enhance your cloud platform management skills. Stay updated on the latest trends in cloud native technology and gain practical knowledge to optimize your infrastructure securely. Join us as we delve into Crossplane, the groundbreaking technology revolutionizing cloud platform management.

New Resources From Upbound

Upbound Achieves SOC 2 Type II Compliance: Strengthening Trust and Security – We are thrilled to announce that Upbound, the creator of the CNCF Crossplane project, has successfully achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. This significant milestone showcases our unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest level of security, privacy, and data protection for our valued customers.

Introducing the new Upbound Partner Program – Upbound has launched the Global Upbound Partner Program, supporting the rapidly growing ecosystem around Crossplane. This enables partners to access Upbound’s products and services along with resources, technical expertise and go-to-market opportunities. Interested partners can visit Upbound Partners to learn more.

Achieve a Fully Automated DevOps Experience with Universal Crossplane and VMware Tanzu Application Platform – Discover how these powerful technologies streamline automated cloud service provisioning and production workflows, revolutionizing the way you deploy and manage your applications in the on-demand webinar.

How a Crossplane Control Plane Works: Driving Infrastructure Toward Your Desired State – Once you tell Crossplane the desired state of your data plane, it will constantly observe the data plane’s actual state and quickly self-heal when that drifts. See how you can achieve such a desired feature in your cloud infrastructure in this blog.

Upbound Identity with Azure, search in the Marketplace, and expanding the Configuration catalog – One of the most common requests we’ve received since launching Upbound is to expand support for Azure. With the latest batch of updates, we’ve brought feature parity for Azure in three ways. Discover the latest Upbound product updates in this blog.

The New Era of Cloud Computing: Banking and Finance – For the financial sector, Upbound can enable enhanced security to keep customer information under lock and key while avoiding the typical inefficiencies of the maintenance and compliance involved. Learn how your financial institution can benefit from Crossplane and Upbound.

7 Core Elements of an Internal Developer Platform – What does it take to build an internal developer platform? What are the tools and platforms that can make it work? This post will discuss the architecture and tools required to stand up a fully operational internal developer platform. By Viktor Farcic, this was originally published on The New Stack with Port ltd.


Crossplane has officially released v1.13! This release focused on security, quality, and investing in key feature areas to push the project forward in its maturity and reliability.

The project has added a feature to ignore certain changes made by external systems. Not to mention, a full security audit of the open source project has been completed with the CNCF.

Check out the release details here >>

What’s Next?

Want to try out Upbound for yourself? Enable SRE and platform teams with a more efficient workflow and the building blocks of platform engineering by setting up your first cloud platform powered by Upbound’s managed control planes. Sign up for your 30 day free trial here!

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