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Using Crossplane to Provision and Invoke AWS Lambda functions

With powerful Crossplane primitives like Managed Resources and Composition we can manage these serverless deployments (AWS Lambda) and provide internal development teams with custom Kubernetes-based API.

Read time: 5 mins


Steven Borrelli

Jun 01, 2023


Upbound Resource Roundup: May 2023

This month, we have some special things in store for you. We'll also be keeping you in the loop about cloud native events, industry trends, and must-know information. Get ready to embark on a personalized journey through the cloud.

Read time: 2 mins



May 30, 2023


What is Crossplane?

Crossplane is a framework for building cloud native control planes. When the founders of Crossplane at Upbound told me what they were working on in late 2018, I immediately joined the project and have been a maintainer since Crossplane v0.1.

Read time: 3 min


Nic Cope

May 25, 2023


Cloud Efficiency in Banking: Portugal’s Largest Private-Sector Bank Saves Thousands of Hours a Year with Crossplane & Upbound

Millennium bcp is Portugal’s largest private-sector bank, with 1,334 branches serving more than 6 million customers around the world...

Read time: 5min

Nuno Guedes (1)

Nuno Guedes

May 18, 2023


Why I joined Upbound: Democratizing Control Planes – Beyond Containers

So why Upbound? There is a strong alignment of vision on the mission of democratizing control planes beyond containers. The …

Read time: 4 min read


Stefan Schimanski

May 10, 2023


Wrapping Up KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Amsterdam & Looking Ahead

As the creators of the Crossplane project, we are always thrilled to see the enthusiasm and engagement from attendees at …

Read time: 6 min read


Christopher Haar

May 04, 2023


Upbound Resource Roundup: April 2023

It was an exciting month here at Upbound – from a new product launch to attending KubeCon to meet many …

Read time: 2 min read



Apr 20, 2023


Argo CD and Crossplane for Managing the Whole Application Stack

Explore how Argo CD users can implement Crossplane to manage infrastructure resources beyond Kubernetes to simplify infrastructure management and create …

Read time: 5 min read


Nicholas Morey

Apr 20, 2023


Upbound and VMware Tanzu Application Platform Partner to Deliver a Completely Satisfying Developer Experience

Today, Upbound and VMware are working together for the better and celebrating a new partnership for the benefit of the …

Read time: 4 min read


Aaron Torgerson

Apr 13, 2023


Using Upbound to build a platform above Azure

Learn how you can use the features & capabilities of Upbound to build a platform above Azure

Read time: 7 min read


Craig D Wilhite

Apr 04, 2023