Upbound Resource Roundup: August 2023

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August 31, 2023

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In this month’s resource roundup, we’ll dive into the realm of cloud innovation with Upbound's cutting-edge cloud native technology. Get insights into our latest product updates and ways to enhance your infrastructure. Discover the transformative abilities of Crossplane in cloud platform management.

New Resources From Upbound

How to Build a Self-Service Platform on Upbound: Day 2 – With managed control planes, Day 2 ops such as patch management and updates of the underlying infrastructure, scaling of your control planes, and snapshotting for backups and recovery are all handled on your behalf by Upbound. This post focuses on one of the core Day 2 operations for a platform team: debugging resource health.

How to Build a Self-Service Platform on Upbound: Day 1 – GitOps is an approach for managing a system by declaratively describing desired resources’ configurations in Git and using controllers to realize the desired state. Crossplane is compatible with this pattern and it’s strongly recommended you integrate GitOps in your platforms built on Crossplane–and you can do this with Upbound managed control planes! This post covers a typical Day 1 operation for users of Upbound: configuring Crossplane control planes for GitOps flows.

//TODO Enable Developer Self-Service Using Kubernetes and Control Planes Powered by Crossplane – Many organizations find themselves embarking on similar journeys; Whether it's building “golden paths,” “launch zones,” or “cloud infrastructure self-service” organizations are beginning to build their own internal developer platforms above the clouds–and they’re using control planes to power them. Tune in to this session to learn how Crossplane enables you to compose cloud infrastructure and services into your custom platform APIs, and how best to get started building a platform of your own.

Upbound Crossplane Architecture Framework v1.0 Release Geared for architects, platform teams, administrators, and other cloud practitioners building platforms on Crossplane, the Upbound Crossplane Architecture Framework provides recommendations and describes best practices, culminating from the collective expertise of many of the engineers who are helping build Crossplane. Understand the three big architectural sections in this blog.

Product Updates

We’ve had some powerful product updates. Here are some changes that will help you improve your infrastructure management:

New from Upbound: Provider Management, Upbound on Upbound – This latest Upbound product update showcases the new provider management experiences now available on Upbound, newly polished flows in the Console, and how users can use Upbound to drive the creation of other Upbound infrastructure.

New from Upbound: Improved Control Plane Dashboard and Configuration List – With Upbound, you can increase your control plane footprint to the right level to power your internal cloud platform. Learn how we’ve been improving Upbound’s user interfaces in tandem to ensure they will support core operator workflows at scale.

New from Upbound: Configuration & Provider Events in the Console, Crossplane Architecture Framework – You can view the events being emitted by the Configurations and Providers that you’ve installed in your control planes – without heading to the command line. Read on to learn about this feature and more.

What’s Next?

Ready to see these new product updates in action? Enable SRE and platform teams with a more efficient workflow and the building blocks of platform engineering by setting up your first cloud platform powered by Upbound’s managed control planes. Try it for yourself here!

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