New from Upbound: Configuration & Provider Events in the Console, Crossplane Architecture Framework

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July 28, 2023

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Sam Alipio

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One of the most popular features of Upbound’s Console is our interface that visualizes the relationships between resources and displays the events for each claim, XR, and MR. With our latest product update, you can also view the events being emitted by the Configurations and Providers that you’ve installed in your control planes – without heading to the command line. Read on to learn about this new feature and more from the Upbound team.

Viewing Crossplane Events in the Upbound Console

You can now conveniently view the event streams for Configurations and Providers from within the Upbound Console. Rather than inspecting your control plane via kubectl commands, simply navigate to the Events tab in the control Plane Explorer to view recent events emitted by the configuration and providers that you’ve installed. We’ll continue to iterate on this experience to make a broad range of events more easily discoverable.

Surfacing Configuration Installation Errors in Context

A 30-day free trial of Upbound comes packed with features and functionality, but it does have some limits compared to our paid product. For instance, only Upbound Official Providers can be installed into a managed control plane during your trial. Previously, if you tried to install a configuration that declared a dependency on an unsupported provider, your control plane could get stuck in an installation loop. Now, we are surfacing configuration installation errors in the UI that inform users why their configuration is not successfully installing so that they can take steps to resolve the issue.

Upbound Crossplane Architecture Framework Released

We released the Upbound Crossplane Architecture Framework earlier this week, available on Upbound docs. This framework is geared for architects, platform teams, administrators, and other cloud practitioners who are building platforms on Crossplane. It provides recommendations and describes best practices, culminating from the collective expertise of many of the engineers who are helping build Crossplane. We’ve found it can be hard for Crossplane users to make the leap from “I can use a control plane to provision a simple bucket in my preferred hyperscale cloud provider” to “how do I plan for running a production-ready platform with Crossplane?” We think this framework will be a good starting point for bridging that gap.

Improvements & Fixes

  • We refactored the configuration starters available in Upbound to use the new Upbound Provider Families. These configurations are great examples that demonstrate how you can use Upbound’s new, more granular providers
  • We tweaked resource limits on our managed control planes, so the performance characteristics when a control plane is under load should be more responsive
  • We fixed a bug in the control plane portal claim creation form that resulted in valid inputs being improperly flagged as invalid/missing

If you have feedback, a feature you’d like to see, or want to chat with the Product team, you can find us in the #Upbound channel of the Crossplane community slack.

On behalf of the Upbound team,

Sam Alipio

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