UXP Now Available in Two Public Marketplaces, With More on the Way

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May 27, 2021

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Bassam Tabbara

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We launched Upbound Universal Crossplane (UXP) less than a week ago and already momentum is building around the first enterprise-grade distribution of open source Crossplane. Two major public cloud marketplaces have embraced UXP, making it easy for users to find and deploy UXP.

The first is AWS Marketplace. An important milestone for us is making UXP available in every public marketplace where users go to find resources in supporting their Kubernetes environments. We’re excited to build on the energy behind Crossplane among AWS users by making enterprise-grade UXP available in the Marketplace.

At Crossplane Community Day earlier this month, Jay Pipes, Principal Engineer on the Kubernetes team with AWS, a Crossplane Community Day sponsor,  spoke about Crossplane. He outlined how Crossplane combines with Kubernetes and GitOps principles to enable a more automated form of operations that he referred to as “operational nirvana”.

The Crossplane and AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) teams have been working together over the past few months to share common tooling for building controllers for AWS services. This partnership has led to rapid acceleration of supported resources in both projects, allowing more users to manage their AWS infrastructure using the Kubernetes API. Jay and Crosplane maintainer Muvaffak gave a previous Crossplane Community Day talk entitled - Accelerating Crossplane AWS Provider coverage with ACK code generation - detailing the collaboration and demonstrating the functionality.

The second public marketplace to add UXP to its offerings in the past week is Red Hat OperatorHub. Red Hat was also a sponsor of Crossplane Community Day and has been engaged with the Crossplane community since early on. Krish Chowdhary, Software Engineer at Red Hat, has written about Crossplane as an abstraction platform to manage and deploy service operators.

AWS Marketplace and Red Hat OperatorHub are two strong, early validation points for UXP, but more public marketplace availability points are on the horizon, making it easy for our customers to find UXP everywhere. We’re focused first on additional Kubernetes marketplaces, and we’ll have more information about these in the weeks ahead.

We're excited to see this early adoption of UXP in partner marketplaces, making it simple for Crossplane users to access and deploy our enterprise distribution. If you’re interested in working with Upbound on making UXP available to your users, get in touch via our Upbound partner page.

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