Upbound is now available in AWS Marketplace

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January 3, 2024

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Rob Clark

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Upbound’s cloud-native infrastructure management platform is now available in the AWS Marketplace, empowering AWS customers to build, deploy and manage cloud services from a single point of control using Crossplane control planes. AWS customers use Upbound for multi-cluster management, cloud service provisioning, and building complete internal developer platforms.

Customers can now access the Upbound platform directly from the cloud provider using the new integration with AWS Marketplace. Like other products available on the AWS Marketplace, Upbound meets AWS’s security and solution design requirements.

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Key customer benefits of purchasing Upbound through AWS Marketplace

  • Use existing AWS accounts and budgets to purchase Upbound software, accelerating planned projects and strategic cloud migration objectives
  • Flexible purchasing and consumption program options
  • Negotiate Upbound software procurement pricing using AWS Marketplace Private Offers, where the customer negotiates pricing and terms directly with Upbound to transact through marketplace
  • Cost-effective, faster procurement: AWS Marketplace purchases count towards customer commitments under the terms of their Enterprise Agreements. Purchasing Upbound through AWS Marketplace simplifies approvals by enabling “Click to Buy” through your Master Payer Account with AWS
  • Simplified billing: Customers get a single consolidated AWS invoice for all the purchases made through the AWS Marketplace with complete visibility over their spending in a single location
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Upbound features

  • Creates a platform for deploying clusters, databases, networks, AI/ML, and other workloads that can be used as part of a internal developer platform to increase velocity, meet compliance, and reduce risk
  • Deploy and manage Crossplane control planes at scale, with Upbound managing the underlying infrastructure and auto-scaling control plane resources
  • Manage major and minor upgrades of core components on behalf of the user, including automatic snapshotting of platform state for disaster recovery
  • Command and Control Center for Day 2 Crossplane operations
  • Console enabling users to view control plane usage, manage operations, debug API calls passing through users control planes, and integrate with logging and monitoring solutions
  • Available for consumption as both SaaS and self-managed deployments
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What’s Next

Check out the Upbound listing on the AWS Marketplace, sign up for an Upbound free trial and learn more about deployment and purchasing options in the AWS marketplace. If you are interested in talking with Upbound please contact us here.

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