Upbound Resource Roundup: October 2023

October 30, 2023


Read time: 2 mins


We're thrilled to unveil a spectrum of tailored solutions, empowering you to supercharge developer velocity and streamline platform team operations with Upbound's versatile capabilities powered by Crossplane. Here are some resources that can help you stay ahead in the ever-changing cloud-native landscape.

New Resources From Upbound

Managed Crossplane in your own environment with Upbound Spaces – Learn all about our new product feature called Spaces. This feature enables you to deploy Upbound in your own environments, which means you can focus on building your own platform on Crossplane.

Unleash the Potential of your AI/ML Platform with a Crossplane Control Plane – As you eye the AI frontier, integrating a Crossplane Control Plane isn't just about staying ahead—it's about not getting left behind. The future is unfolding at breakneck speed, and a control plane is the catalyst that ensures companies don't just adapt these new technologies but thrive.

Using Upbound to roll out Cluster-as-a-Service to your developers – Upbound makes Cluster-as-a-Service–and other self-service deployments of cloud-native infrastructure and applications–easy for developers and manageable for the platform team. Find out why it’s essential for any platform team and how it's done.

Turning Cloud Promises Into Reality! – Tired of struggling with complex cloud-native environments? Need to enable developers with a better internal development platform by the end of this year? View this on-demand webinar exploring Upbound and Crossplane solutions for simplifying cloud complexities.

Product Updates

We’ve had some powerful product updates. Here are some changes that will help you improve your infrastructure management:

New from Upbound: Finding content faster in the Marketplace, MCP Connector comes to Spaces – This sprint update explains performance improvements made in the Upbound Marketplace, the MCP connector being available in a Spaces-managed control plane, and new features in the up CLI.

New from Upbound: Release of Spaces v1.1, Improved Resource Events Stream – Our product update this month features an enhancement to Upbound Console designed to help you explore and filter resource-level events when debugging, as well as a rundown of the major changes included in the v1.1 release of Upbound Spaces.

Community Resources

Control Plane Day with Crossplane recently took place online with hundreds of community members from around the world. Check out the video recordings and highlights from the event, including the announcement of Crossplane’s charter expansion and Upbound’s donation of provider framework tech to the CNCF project, a panel with Kelsey Hightower, Viktor Farcic, and Rachel Stephens on the past, present and future of declarative configuration, and more.

What’s Next?

Interested in seeing these use cases in action? From implementing Upbound for cluster-as-a-service or to serve as the core of an internal developer platform, our team is on standby to walk you through it! Request to have a live demo with them now.

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