What's New with Crossplane v1.16? Take a Tour with a Founding Engineer.

What's New with Crossplane v1.16?

Upbound Resource Roundup: April 2023

April 19, 2023


Read time: 2 mins


It was an exciting month here at Upbound – from a new product launch to attending KubeCon to meet many of you, it was jam-packed! With each of these events comes great resources to navigate the new items and changes. Here are the latest resources we have for you.

New Resources From Upbound

General Availability of Upbound puts managed control planes centerstage, unlocks Crossplane at scale – The biggest news of the month… We have launched our new product, Upbound! The product helps platform teams build, deploy, and operate control planes at scale powered by Crossplane. This blog explains why we have been working on this and how it can help you scale your infrastructure today. (Not to mention, but there’s a free trial too).

Using Upbound to build a platform above Azure – While we work on building a configuration for Azure (coming soon!), this blog demonstrates how you can use the features & capabilities of Upbound to build a platform above Azure.

Optimizing Terraform with Crossplane – Terraform has served as the industry standard to automate infrastructure provisioning. However, with the rise of Kubernetes and Crossplane, it’s time to bring infrastructure-as-code to a control planes based architecture. This one-pager walks you through the importance of making a transition while walking you through it step by step with a customer case study.

Top Ten Things Slowing Down Your Platform Team – Most Platform Teams have a standard set of antipatterns that slow them down and prevent them from fully achieving the Platform Dream. So here is my Top Ten List of the things that are slowing down your Platform Team and how to fix them.

What’s Next?

Want to try out Upbound for yourself? Enable SRE teams with a more efficient workflow and the building blocks of platform engineering by setting up your first cloud platform powered by Upbound’s managed control planes.  Sign up for your 30 day free trial here!

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