KubeCon Seattle & Crossplane

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January 4, 2019

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Bassam Tabbara

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Welcome back from the holidays. We’re kicking off 2019 with all things Crossplane, the multicloud control plane. Crossplane launched the week before KubeCon Seattle, and started a conversation about a universal control plane across clouds, allowing people to leverage the best parts of all of the clouds and on-premises.

If we missed you at KubeCon in December, we invite you to watch our talks on Crossplane and Rook. For a quick overview on Crossplane, listen to Jared Watts' five minute lighting talk he gave at Cloud Native Storage Day at KubeCon.

For a deeper dive, Illya Chekrygin takes us through the current state of Crossplane and tells you more about how you can get involved.

On the last day of KubeCon Jared tied together Rook and Crossplane to show how to dynamically provision PostgreSQL.

Speaking of Rook, if you aren’t familiar with Rook, the storage orchestrator for Kubernetes, be sure to watch Jared’s Intro to Rook talk.

We hope you will join us whether that is getting involved in Crossplane and Rook from the open source side of things, or staying up to date on our exciting news in the pipeline. (Or come work with us, we’re hiring!).

We think this is the year where multicloud becomes a reality at the managed services level.  At Upbound, we believe you should have choice in where to deploy your applications and services, and be able to do so easily.

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