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June 3, 2020

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Grant Gumina

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Last month was a huge month for us at Upbound. We kicked it off by donating our Crossplane project to the CNCF, launched a community preview of our first product Upbound Cloud, welcomed several partners to the Crossplane community, and hosted our inaugural Crossplane Community Day. We’ve been posting a lot of updates on social media, so in case you missed something, you can find a roll up below.

Donating Crossplane to the CNCF

Upbound started the Crossplane project to bring about a more open cloud computing ecosystem. Last month we took the next step in our journey with Crossplane by submitting it to the CNCF as a sandbox project. We’re looking forward to working with the CNCF going forward, and welcome new members into our community.

Upbound Cloud Community Preview

For the past several months, we learned how customers are building their own internal cloud platforms to unify infrastructure and application management, control separate clouds and data centers, and speed up application delivery. Doing this on your own requires specialized skills, is risky, and typically very expensive. That’s why we launched Upbound Cloud Community Preview. It’s the easiest way to deploy an enterprise control plane which layers on top of your existing infrastructure and transforms it into an internal cloud platform with just a few clicks. Sign up for a free account and see the power of control planes for yourself here.

Growing the Crossplane Community

We also announced that Alibaba, Microsoft, and Red Hat all joined the Crossplane community. We’re partnering with Alibaba and Microsoft to make Crossplane the Kubernetes implementation of the OAM specification, and Red Hat is working with us to explore how OpenShift users can use Crossplane as an alternative to Open Service Broker API.

Crossplane Community Day Highlights

Lastly, our first ever Crossplane Community Day was full of amazing presentations and action packed demos from both Upbound and Crossplane partners, customers, and fans. We had a great time celebrating all the hard work the Crossplane community has achieved since we started the project. You can see the full recording here, but here are some highlights:

👨‍💻 Kelsey Hightower built his own cloud using Crossplane

🕉️ Microsoft and Alibaba showed how Crossplane is now the Kubernetes implementation of OAM

🔴  Red Hat demoed how Crossplane can be used as an alternative to Open Service Broker API on OpenShift

💳 Mastercard explained why they’re building their own internal cloud platform to unify infrastructure environments and accelerate application delivery with Crossplane

🔑 The folks from Styra showed us why OPA makes policy management a breeze in your control plane

📝 Amazon's cdk8s team taught us how to reduce the amount of YAML you need to write for your Crossplane control plane using their new project

💻 Okteto’s founders gave us a glimpse into the future of Kubernetes developer experience powered by Crossplane

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We're excited to get your feedback on the Upbound Cloud Community Preview, so drop by and say hi -- we'd love to hear from you!

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