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Life at Upbound

Our mission at Upbound is to enable a new era of infrastructure management that is automated, reliable, efficient and empowers application teams to accelerate innovation by delivering software faster.
Company "On"sites

Everyone comes together for our annual company “on”site where we celebrate our wins and have some fun!

Quarterly Get Togethers

Teams come together in person to plan, exchange ideas and strengthen relationships with each other.

Upbounders in 10 Countries

A global footprint gives us the ability to bring in the best talent from across the globe and work with the best and brightest.

Diverse and inclusive

We are stronger because we are all unique and bring different perspectives and ideas. Be your authentic self at Upbound.

BuiltIn's 2023 Best Places to Work
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Selected as BuiltIn's 2023 Best Places to Work in three categories: Fully Remote Best Startups, Fully Remote Best places to work, and US Best Startups to work for.

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Upbound's Values

Upbound operates like a healthy open source project. As part of that cultural DNA we are continuously iterating, improving, and innovating collaboratively and with transparency.
Be Accountable

We expect everyone at Upbound to hold themselves and each other accountable to focusing and driving results that tie directly back into company goals.

Collaborate Decisively

Your goal with every interaction is to add clarity, alignment, and context to every decision and objective. You habitually dismantle ambiguity and rebuild it with intent and clarity.

Demonstrate Craftsmanship

A true craftsperson is a lifelong learner who strives to deliver the best possible result. They are constantly iterating on their solutions to improve results and delight their customers.

Care For Our Communities

We care deeply about our customers, our open source ecosystem, and our fellow Upbounders. We have an unwavering determination to make them thrive.

Champion The Customer

Have a deep empathy for the customer and keep their business objectives and challenges top of mind as we navigate through solutions to problems.

Act as an owner

As an owner, our employees care deeply about the success of Upbound and champion the people and culture.

Engage Vulnerability

Upbounders work to make themselves and everyone around them better by creating a safe environment where everyone can contribute, fail forward, and learn from each other.

At Upbound, our values are highly important to us
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Caring For Our Team

We want all of our Upbounders to thrive and we believe that you do your best when you feel your best. Here are a few benefits we provide for all Upbound employees.

Upbounders are giving meaningful equity. Everyone here is an owner and benefits from the success of the company.

Health Care Benefits

Upbound offers multiple plan options that cover 100% of the premium for medical, dental and vision for US* employees and 50% for dependents. Additional options available to suit your family’s needs.

*Other locations vary

401k plan

US-based teammates are offered the option to enroll in our 401(k) plan.

Work From Anywhere

Our team is globally distributed and that comes with a lot of flexibility around where you work.

Flexible Hours and PTO

We care too deeply about you to let you burn out. Work hours that make sense for you and take the time off that you need to recharge or disconnect.

Home Office Stipend

Comfortable desk, chair, and fast internet. Upgrade your workstation.

Our Leadership & Founding Team

Meet the Upbound leadership team and founding members.
Bassam Tabbara
Founder & CEO
Kelsey Havens
Lem Diaz
People Ops
Tom Anthony
Oren Teich
We’re a growing distributed team of digital vagabonds from all walks of life.

Join Our Fast Growing Team

Come build the next generation of the cloud with us. We’re looking for problem solvers, builders, and innovators who love open source and pushing technological boundaries!

Meet Our Team of Advisors & Investors

We are happy to be trusted by some of the best in the cloud native technology industry. Their support enables us to provide you with the best in class solutions for your teams.
Chris Aniszcyk

CTO at Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Brandon Philips

Former Co-Founder & CTO at CoreOS

Kelsey Hightower

Principal Engineer at Google Cloud

Eric Berg

CEO at Fauna Inc

Spencer Kimball

CEO at Cockroach Labs Inc

Alex Polvi

CEO at CoreOS



Telstra Ventures


Intel Capital


Altimeter Capital


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